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Sales videos are a great way to stand out from your competition, to get noticed by your prospects and to help you close more deals.

But only if they’re done correctly.

We’ve all seen many examples of poor sales videos. Bland and boring. Corporate and uninspiring. Indulgently self-promotional.

A bad sales video will harm your chances at converting a lead into a customer. But a strong, effective sales video can increase those chances ten-fold.

Recording those effective sales videos doesn’t need to be difficult either. You just need to make sure you include these nine key components.

1)    The right set-up

You’re not recording a Hollywood masterpiece, but you still need to get the basic set-up for your video right if you want it to be effective. Having a light directly behind you and a microphone covered by paperwork will leave you looking and sounding like a ghostly silhouette.

You don’t need any fancy equipment to record an effective sales video – a laptop with a built-in camera can do the job perfectly. Just make sure the room you’re recording in is well lit – ideally by indirect natural light. A window at the side of you is usually great.

Test your microphone too. Any background noise will be distracting, so make sure you’re in a quiet room. If you do want to enhance your recording, a separate plug-in mic will give you a crisper sound. 

2)    A good knowledge of your prospect

Before you even think about recording your sales video, you need to understand exactly who it will be aimed at.

Do you know:

  •     Who your prospect is?
  •     What their company does?
  •     What their industry is like?
  •     What common problems they may be facing?
  •     What type of lead they are?
  •     Where they currently are in your sales funnel?

Good research is vital for an effective sales video because it allows you to personalise your message and your recording. Every prospect is different, so you want to ensure your sales video is specifically targeted at the person you’ll be dealing with.

If it’s a cold lead, your sales video will want to aim towards getting a follow-up call or meeting in place. If it’s a lead who’s ready to buy, your sales video should include content to help convince them to sign that contract.

3)    A rough plan of what you’d like to say

The worst sales videos are those which ramble on and on, where the sales rep doesn’t really have a clue about what they need to communicate to their prospect. The second-worst sales videos are those which rigidly stick to a script that’s read out word for word in a stiff, unengaging manner.

You need a plan of the important points to get across in your sales video – based on your knowledge of your prospect. But you shouldn’t over prepare either.

The best, most effective sales videos are full of personality. That means being open and flexible, and having a script can prevent this.

Instead, just plan out the key parts of the video you need to cover:

  •     A hook to engage the watcher
  •     Identifying potential problems
  •     Indicating possible solutions
  •     And inviting the prospect to take the next step with you 

4)    A short length

Now you’ve got a rough plan in place, you shouldn’t stray too far from this when recording your sales video. And that’s important.

Because effective sales videos are short and to the point.

Your prospect is time-poor. They don’t have much time to engage with sales reps or watch the videos you send them to.

So you need to keep any recording as short as possible, ideally under 1 minute. Quick, personal, and with just the most important points of your pitch. 

5)    An engaging introduction

Because your prospect is short on time, your sales video needs to engage them quickly. You need to grab their attention and make them want to keep watching to find out what you have to say.

Talk directly to your prospect, engaging them personally as if you were chatting face-to-face. Empathy is your best friend here. Try and demonstrate that you understand the position they’re in, you know the challenges they’re facing, and you think you can help.

6)    A genuine approach

The most effective sales videos won’t try and sell to prospects. They won’t be focused on pitching.

Instead, they’ll simply set out to try and help their current or potential customers.

Taking a genuine approach with your sales videos, recording a personal message, and speaking directly, openly and honestly to your prospects will set you apart from your competition.

It will help you build a rapport and ensure your prospect listens to you. Then you can follow up with a meeting or call, and won’t need to take the “hard sell” approach. 

7)    A prominent call to action

 If you don’t always include a call to action with your sales videos, all your hard work recording them could go to waste.

An effective sales video should always encourage your prospect – the watcher – to go on to do something else. You want to know they’re interested; you want them to reach out for more information; and ultimately, you want them to buy from you.

The best calls to action will be prominent and easy to follow. Try and include a verbal call to action, spoken directly to your prospect at the end of your video, as well as a button or link within the video, the email or the landing page where the video is hosted. 

8)    A follow up

Sales videos are only effective if you follow up on them, so be sure to build this into your strategy. Don’t just send one personal sales video. Send several small videos to keep your prospect engaged and keep front of mind.

That way, you can push them slowly towards closing that deal.

Try and include relevant information with any sales video you send and follow up with prospects to check they got it, see if they read it, and answer any questions they may have.

9)    Use Accordium

To bring all of these components together and record a truly effective sales video, you’re going to need simple, efficient software that can help you quickly record and send personal messages whenever you like.

It should help you follow up with clients, attach relevant information, and always help you promote calls to action.

Accordium lets you do all of this.

Book a demo today to find out exactly how.

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