Save time and close deals faster with Accordium

Speed up your signing process by choosing who signs and when. Visualize any workflow, and get notified when customers view and electronically sign your agreements.

Easy to set up

Our intuitive design enables you to set up any workflow.
It’s easy to create, save and reuse any standard signing process.

Boost Revenue

Improve closing rates, speed up your sales cycle and get your deals to the finish line. Get insights into rejected proposals and revive lost opportunities.

Perfect Overview

Accordium Flow makes it easy to maintain overview over multiple deal processes. Track your documents, follow every action your customer takes and know when to follow up.

Save time with automation

Automate any contract process and free up time for your sales staff. Less repetitive work for your sales staff and less room for human errors.

We optimized our time from sales to signed contracts by 45%.
That is 10 hours every month getting new clients, not focusing on manual work.
Rasmus Foged
CEO, Upodi

Maintain the Perfect Overview

Stay on top of your pending contracts with an easy to use dashboard. Identify when your prospect has viewed your contract for the last time or who still needs to sign your deal. 

Take action right from the dashboard, at the right. 

Easy to Set Up and handle

Accordium Flow is as easy as drag and drop.The intuitive design makes it easy to set up even the most complicated signing processes.

Easily define responsibilities and dependencies – who is responsible for what part of the process? What should happen when? Accordium Flow is all about making business processes easy. 

Stop wasting time and start selling

Accordium Flow helps sales people shift focus back to the most critical aspect of sales – building relationships. 

With Accordium Flow it is easy to automate the contractual process of deal-closing: automatically create a contract from a template, select a signing process and move on the next deal. 


Use data to improve closing-rates

Accordium’s data will help you to understand at what stage your pending contracts are at any time. Understand how to revive lost opportunities or analyze why potential customers didn’t sign.  Understand which contracts perform best and what terms are negotiated most often.

Yes! Accordium is completely API based. We are currently working on standard plug and play solutions for all major CRMs (Salesforce, Hubspot, pipedrive, etc.). Until then, we are happy to assist you in building custom CRM integrations. Get in touch to find out more.

A workflow involves a number of steps to get to signed deal. This can be creating a proposal, quote, contract, sending it for approval to your internal manages, getting it signed by your customer and finally storing it in your CRM with all data associated to it.

With Accordium you can define your usual contract process and reuse it over and over again. Define a contract and who needs to approve it first and who needs to sign it at what time in your own organization before it goes to the customer. Define what happens after a customer has signed – who needs to receive the document and where does it have to be stored in the end? All these patterns can be planned out, saving you countless ours of manual work. 

Accordium helps you automate all those small steps you need to take between your customer saying “YES” until he actually signs. We help automatically create a contract, send it for approval to your manager, send it for signature to your customer and store it where it belongs. 

We help you identify whether a signee or approver has seen, reviewed or signed a document in a visual dashboard. We also show you when the last action was taken by your prospect so you always know when your deal might be slipping away and requires a follow up.

You can signup and get going in minutes. Accordium can be as simple and complex as you need it to be. Start by creating your most used daily workflows in a matter of minutes and save time straight away.

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