Our Mission

Accordium builds beautiful software that makes it easy for salespeople to build relationships with their prospects. 

Why we are here

We are team of (unfortunately only) guys in Copenhagen and Kuala Lumpur who have a passion for building products that not only look beautiful, but are easy to use. In our past careers we worked in various sales teams, where we saw a trend towards automated sales. This means, that two essential factors got lost: Personality and relationship. By making it easy to leverage personalized video messages, we want to give sales people that power back: Building deep relationships with buyers and selling the right solutions. 

Company Values

Make awesome s#!t

Don’t be a d#!@

Always bring cake

Andrew C. Whittaker

CEO and Co-Founder 

Barrington Russell

CPO and Co-Founder 

Alexander Brix

COO and Co-Founder 

Ashik Salahudeen

VP of Engineering

Ahmad Uways Zulkurnain

Full-stack Developer

Zulfadhlil Hakim Md Iskandar

Full-stack Developer

Mohammad Virandry

Full-stack Developer

Helle Uth

Board Member 

Matt Ryan

Advisory Board Member

Nicolas Blier-Silvestri

Advisory Board Member

Jesper Lindhardt

Chairman of the Board 

Do you want to join the Accordium team?

Our Investors

SEED Capital is the largest early stage venture fund in Denmark. They invest in software technology-based startups and looks for world-class teams, global scalability and companies surfing on current and future macro trends.

Started by Brent Hoberman and Henry Lane Fox, Founders Factory has assembled industry-leading corporates and a team of 60 operators to help founders build great companies.
Amsterdam-based River Venture Partners provides seed angel funding for early-stage tech startups with backing from it’s business angel syndicate. RVP helps gets to mentors, it’s professional network and international investor network for follow-on funding.

Perch Capital Group are a collection of angel investors based in New York City, who invest in emerging technologies in the finance and legal space.

Where we live


Købmagergade 53,1150 København K, Danmark

Kuala Lumpur

North Point, Midvalley, Tower B, Unit 10-01, 59200 Kuala Lumpur

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