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Agree Faster with Accordium

Accordium supercharges business performance wherever paperwork is involved.
With digital contract management, workflow automation and electronic signatures,
our customers can agree faster, get better insights, and sell more.

It's simply a quicker way to do business.

Our Mission

Accordium creates beautiful software that helps our customers sell more.
With the newest technology we automate contract processes and make it simple to forecast success.

Why we're here.

Accordium was born from the frustration we experienced dealing with paperwork, and the desire to fix something very broken with our own sales processes. We were tired of wasting time on chasing people, slow manual processes and clumsy tools instead of actually closing business.

Meet the Team

We're on a mission to break the conventions of typical e-signature and sales software, and
develop a beautiful, ground-breaking platform to help our customers save time and sell more.
We brought together the smartest people we knew and started building the next generation sales tool.
Andrew C. Whittaker CEO and Co-Founder LinkedIn
Daniel Richardson CCO and Co-Founder LinkedIn
Barrington Russell CPO and Co-Founder LinkedIn
Alexander Brix COO and Co-Founder LinkedIn
Ashik Salahudeen VP of Engineering LinkedIn
Tanzib Saidul Front-end Developer LinkedIn
Zulfadhlil Hakim Software Engineer LinkedIn
Uways Zulkurnain Software Engineer LinkedIn
Jesper Lindhardt Chairman of the Board

Jesper grows SaaS startups into market leaders with entrepreneurship and passion. He goes all-in to develop the strategy, build from scratch to scale, and execute to deliver high growth.

Currently serving as Chief Commercial Officer at one of Denmark's most successful startups Trustpilot and also a Cofounder of StartupVP Inc. which aggressively grows early stage technology companies by combining venture capital, leadership and execution power.

Jesper brings his hands-on experience from building and driving business in Europe, USA, APAC and Latin America, including a successful exit and multiple rounds of venture capital funding.

Nicolas Blier-Silvestri Advisory Board Member

Over the past 15 years Nicolas has lived and breathed everything talent-acquisition and HR. He is an experienced professional with both strategic and tactical strengths when building culture, and developing efficient Talent Acquisition teams.

Nicolas is currently Head of Recruitment (EMEA) at Unity Technologies, helping them source and motivate the people revolutionizing the gaming industry. He also serves as a Strategic Advisor at Practica Capital - the most active seed funding VC in the Baltic region.

Accordium is committed to a strong and supportive culture.

Matthew Ryan Advisory Board Member

Our Investors

SEED Capital is the largest early stage venture fund in Denmark. They invest in software technology-based startups and looks for world-class teams, global scalability and companies surfing on current and future macro trends.

Perch Capital Group are a collection of angel investors based in New York City, who invest in emerging technologies in the finance and legal space.

Where we live

Copenhagen, Denmark

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Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

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