Personalised sales videos can increase sales and close more energy deals

Personalised sales videos can help your organisation stand out, staying ahead of the competition and securing more contracts by delivering value and a superior service.

Accordium helps you and your team create, share and track those personalised sales videos. They help you get noticed and make deal closing quicker and simpler.

Using personal sales videos can help you increase...

Open rates by 65%

Email replies by 76%

Deal closing by 32%

It’s quick and simple for utilities to record personalised sales videos

Do you want to stand out from your competitors? Do you want to connect to more prospects? Do you want to close deals faster, and move onto new business sooner?

Accordium helps you do all of this. It’s quick, it’s simple, it’s easy to get started right away.

Record your own personal, 90 second video straight from your browser

Attach proposals, presentations or brochures and send to prospects.

Accordium e-Signature

Monitor open rates, clicks & videos watched and act at the optimal moment

Engage prospects and showcase value

In an industry where pricing is everything, it’s essential that you and your sales reps can build trust amongst your target audience and demonstrate your value. You need to show prospects that your energy firm is different, that you understand their needs and concerns, and that you can deliver the best, cost-effective solution – with additional support and focus.

Personalised videos speak directly to your prospects, whether you operate in B2B or B2C energy contracts. They help your sales reps connect on a personal level, communicate why your firm is the best, and effectively promote the most relevant benefits – ahead of digital-only competitors.

They help you get your message across in a clear, easy-to-understand way.

Try it - it takes less than a minute.

Stand out against other energy companies

Personalised videos help you get noticed. They let you communicate directly with your prospects. They give your business that human touch. And they ensure you’re offering something more personal than your competitors.  

Introducing a video sales strategy to your pipeline is extremely easy with Accordium. It will help you compete against challenger energy companies, stand out as an established brand and deliver a highly tailored offering to your customers.

Focus on the customer relationship

Most importantly, personalised sales videos help you focus on the relationship you have with your customers. If you want to succeed, that connection is essential.

Sending a personal video message immediately creates a unique rapport with your prospects. They can put a face to a name. They’ll remember you. They’ll remember your proposal. And they’re more likely to buy from you.

Accordium helps you focus on that relationship. And when you build a strong customer relationship, you’ll close deals faster.

How does Accordium support the energy sector?

Personalised sales videos can help any utility or retail energy company to streamline their pipeline and increase their sales through:

  • Cold prospecting – Getting noticed and making a head start on that first meeting
  • Warm introductions – Providing a more personal approach to what your business can offer
  • Sharing forms and proposals – Engaging prospects and explaining the usefulness of sent collateral
  • Closing deals – Addressing concerns, answering questions and getting contracts signed

Utility providers are using Accordium every day to create their own sales videos

Amazing support and personal …

“Super nice tool, very easy to use and the in built wizards are fantastic. The Accordium crew are right there should you have any questions at all.”

Works like a charm and the flow is …

“Works like a charm and the flow is really easy.
Looking forward to the next features coming up.”

Super fast and convenient to use …

“Super fast and convenient to use for the clients.
We got our first contracts signed couple of minutes after uploading them!”

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