Accordium eSign: The most beautiful e-signature solution

Accordium converts prospects to paying customers by the click of a button. Our proprietary e-signature solution offers maximum security with the best user experience.

Faster than printing or email

Accordium e-signatures are the fastest way to get a document signed. Save time and money by going all digital. 

Forensic Engine

Accordium’s forensic engine ensures maximum security and a legally binding contract. Our technology records various user data, ensuring that we can 100% identify all involved signing parties. 

Enhanced User Experience

Accordium offers the most beautiful and most simple e-signature solution on the market. No matter whether in the office on your desktop, or on the fly on your smartphone, Accordium will always guarantee a quick and easy way to sign a contract.

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How is Accordium Legal

Signing electronically is functionally equivialent to doing so on paper. There is nothing magic about the creation of a legal agreement, and typically no special forms are required to become binding. What matters is that both transacting parties recognize each other’s intent to become bound, and state that intention explicitly. Whether by verbal agreement, paper, or clicking a button, contract law does not differentiate between methods of establishing intent.

So long as intent is clearly recorded and understood, and the identity of the parties known, an electronic system is at least the same (and in most cases superior) to pen and paper.

Accordium TurnKey for maximum security

Unlike other electronic signature providers who paste a copied image of your signature to documents, Accordium uses its unique TurnKey technology to guarantee that specific intent is captured every time a document is signed.

Every document signed using Accordium is embedded with a package of data used to uniquely identify the participants, along with an audit trail detailing every action taken by their account. We compute hashes of every document stored, and use these to cryptographically guarantee that no tampering has occurred since the time of signing.

Prepare and send documents in seconds

Accordium is the quickest way to get a document signed. Simply upload a file, prepare the document in our intuitive platform, define signing parties and send it out for signature. No matter how many people are involved in the signing process: Accordium ensures simplicity even in the most complicated signing processes.

All the languages you need 

Most of our customers have a global presence and need to be able to send contracts to various non-english speaking countries. With Accordium you can define the language for each signee, ensuring no contract closing gets lost in translation. For each signee the platform will appear in their own language. Additionally, all follow up emails, reminders, and finalized documents will be sent in the right language to the right parties. 

Great usability and relevant functionalities. I'm really happy we
started working with Accordium, it makes my life so much easier!
Fanny Frenkler
Head of People & Culture, Asana Rebel

Get your first document signed today
Accordium is the easiest to use e-signature solution.

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