chrome & gmail integration

Boost sales with personalised sales videos

Accordium’s new Gmail integration and Google Chrome extension lets you record & send personal videos with ease.

Instantly communicate with prospects or existing customers
in a personal way.  No logging into the app or stopping what you’re doing.

video sales demo

quick & easy video recording

Add videos directly in Gmail

It’s now quick and easy to record new videos, upload existing ones, or share any video saved within your Accordium library straight from Gmail.  You don’t need to switch between different programs and systems when you can send directly from your Gmail account.  Simply:

1. Open the email composer & click the Accordium Icon

2. Select a video or record your own with an instant preview

3. Send.  Videos are automatically hosted on a landing page

Accordium speeds up the communication process
and helps you stand out in your recipient’s inbox.

record via google chrome

Record with your camera, screen or both

Don’t use Gmail? Don’t worry.  Our dedicated Chrome
extension gives you the power to record personal videos from within the Chrome browser any time you want.

Just click the Accordium button in your extension toolbar, and choose to record your face, your screen or a combination of both.  You can capture anything in your chrome browser your prospects may find useful.

Accordium automatically saves and processes your video, then you simply copy the link and/or preview GIF and send to your contacts via your preferred email client or messaging program.


Send new & existing videos in an instant

With both the Chrome extension and Gmail integration, you can either record a new personal video in an instant, or share any existing videos in your Accorium library – all without the need to log into the Accordium app.

Send that key demo, useful webinar, important keynote or convincing customer testimonial – any video you’ve previously recorded – whenever the best moment appears in your communication with a prospect.

Or if you need to close that deal quickly and your prospect has an urgent question, save time and answer immediately with a personal video recorded directly in your inbox or browser.

hassle-free tracking

Track all videos with in-app analytics

Both our Gmail integration and chrome extension synchronise perfectly with the Accordium app, so you don’t need to worry about video tracking.

Each video you record, upload or add from your existing library will be automatically tracked within the Accordium web app.  You’ll still be able to see all open rates and watch rates, every time you log in to the app.

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