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Here at Accordium, we’re always looking for new ways we can improve our software and make it even easier for you to record personalised sales videos.

That’s why we’re excited to announce the release of our latest integrations: Gmail and Google Chrome.

If you use either Gmail or Chrome for any part of your workflow, these integrations make recording and sharing personal sales videos with your contacts quicker than ever.

Instead of logging into the Accordium app to record and send a video, you can do it directly from your Gmail email client or from your Chrome browser.

Here’s how it works:

Recording and sharing videos via Gmail

If you’re working in Gmail and suddenly remember you need to reach out to a prospect or customer, you could just send a standard email. It would probably get lost amongst dozens of other emails in your contact’s inbox.

Or you could record a personal video to send to them instead.

With our new Gmail integration, you simply click the Accordium icon directly from your email composer, to launch our video recorder or video uploader.

Record your personal message directly to your front-facing camera, or upload a video you’ve already recorded and which you think might be useful for your contact.

Accordium then automatically converts and hosts your video, generating a preview GIF in your email to send directly to your contacts.

All you need to do is press send.

Recording yourself or capturing your screen in Chrome

With our new Chrome integration, it’s quick and easy to capture exactly what’s on your screen.

Simply launch the extension within your browser by clicking the Accordium icon, and then you can record exactly what’s on your screen. It’s perfect for highlighting key features or showing a prospect how to use your website, software or product.

Instead of telling them via email or over the phone, you can show them with a personal video. If you don’t want to capture your screen, you can use the Chrome extension to record yourself using your front-facing camera. Or you can upload a saved video just as you would within the Accordium app.

All videos are then automatically converted and hosted by our software, and you can send them onto your clients via our app.

It’s the perfect way to capture something on your screen that you think your customers will really find valuable.

Try our new Gmail & Chrome integrations

Accordium’s Gmail & Chrome integrations are now available.

All videos are securely saved and hosted, featuring the same full tracking metrics as you’d expect from our app.


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