Book more meetings with the right customers.

Accordium helps salespeople easily create, share and track personalized videos on unique landing pages – created in seconds. This leads to more meetings booked with pre-qualified leads. 

No Credit Card Required

Higher Closing Rates
Time Saved
Compliant and Secure

Accordium helps salespeople build better relationships and close more deals, through the magic of personalized videos and digital contract management.

Sales Videos in emails increases open-to-click rates by up to 200% 

Accordium helps salespeople build better relationships and close more deals.

Send professional and personalized videos to prospects – be in the room when the decision is made.

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Understand your sales performance 

Know what your prospects are doing with your documents and take the right action at the right time.

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Focus on selling, not admin  Save time with automated workflows. Ensure data is recorded correctly in all your CRM. Improve your sales efficiency and focus on building relationships. Learn more
Discount in B2B Sales

Easy to set up

Accordium is easy to set up. Just signup and start closing deals within minutes. It integrates easily with your favourite apps, as easy as plug and play. 

Immediate impact

Accordium will improve and accelerate your sales process straight away. Onboarding only takes a few seconds and requires no setup process. 

Secure and compliant

Become and stay compliant with Accordium contract management and esignatures. Your data is encrypted and safe – not even we can access it. 

This is why companies love using Accordium.

By shortening the time from sales to signed contract we have optimized our time spent on closing contracts by 45%. That is 10 hours every month getting new clients, not focusing on paperwork.

Rasmus Foged CEO, upodi

Accordium helped us automate our entire sales process from start to finish. It helped us increase our efficiency and sales conversions. Could not recommend them enough!

Dominic Rebello CRO, GenieBelt

Amazing support and personal attention! Their customer service is the same quality that my company works to offer our clients.

Cara Bikmanas Customer Comunications Manager, Interactio

Great usability and relevant, functionalities. I am really happy we started working with Accordium, it makes my life so much easier!

Fanny Frenkler Head of People & Culture, Asana Rebel

Beautifully designed. For salespeople by salespeople.

Accordium e-Signatures

With our advanced e-signature solution, safeguard your documents with the highest levels of encryption. Each signature is protected with an evidence seal that prevents any changes to the document after signing. Agree faster with Accordium electronic signatures.

Your team and customers will love it!

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Accordium Flow Automate your signing process & visualize any contract workflow. Get notified when your customers view and electronically sign your agreements.  Learn more
Accordium Video Sales Record and send personal videos to your prospects right from your browser. Attach sales collateral, such as a proposal or sales deck, and stand out against your competitors. Track how your prospects engage with your content and close the deal faster. Learn more 

Sales Data Dashboard

Leverage sales data  to improve your services. See all your ongoing deals in one organized dashboard. Monitor pending, closed or lost agreements in real-time, as well as accurately predict success-rates.

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Seamless Integration Easily integrate with the systems you already use. Accordium bridges the gap between your CRM and on-boarding of happy customers. Don’t worry about tracking details about your deals in the CRM or collecting money from your customers. Through our seamless integration everything happens automatically.

Accordium helps sales teams in various industries perform better.

Tech companies value speed and effectivity. The stack of various software tools need to be fully-integrated and automated, ensuring data is transported correctly.
Pitching to new clients is a long process. Loosing a deal in the last mile of the deal would be fatal. Accordium helps agencies keep the contract process lean.
Accordium helps you make key functions like hiring, onboarding, and benefits enrolment paper-free.  Save time, reduce errors, increase compliance. Give your team and candidates the best experience when completing, signing, and processing forms digitally. Learn More
Especially in the financial industry compliance and security have highest priority. With Accordium companies become and stay compliant. Data is saved encrypted in the cloud. Seamless integrations ensure the correct data is recorded, minimizing the risk of human error.

Physical Security

Accordium relies on Amazon AWS data centers. This ensures the highest level of security and reliability. Thanks to its innovative architecture Amazon has the best experience in designing, constructing and operating…

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Software Security

Software security is an ongoing effort at Accordium as we believe security is always an operating concern and not a feature. We make sure that we use battle tested libraries and up to date software to run Accordium’s services…

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Legality of Contracts

Accordium Esign signatures are legally binding in the EU, US and most countries worldwide. Accordium complies with the 2016 EU eIDAS regulation, which means electronic signatures are legally binding and enforceable throughout…

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Our customers love using Accordium.

Amazing support and personal …

“Super nice tool, very easy to use and the in built wizards are fantastic. The Accordium crew are right there should you have any questions at all.”

Works like a charm and the flow is …

“Works like a charm and the flow is really easy.
Looking forward to the next features coming up.”

Super fast and convenient to use …

“Super fast and convenient to use for the clients.
We got our first contracts signed couple of minutes after uploading them!”

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$15 15-Day Free Trial Per month, per user. Billed Annually $20 / month per user. Billed Monthly Everything from Free Plan, plus: Multiple Users Unlimited e-Signatures Sales Dashboard Document Library E-mail Support


$35 Contact Us Per month, per user. Billed Annually $40 / month per user. Billed Monthly Everything from Professional Teams, plus: WorkflowsData Insights TemplatesContract EditorMultiple LanguagesNegotiations Video Proposals Phone SupportDedicated Account Manager

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