An Automation Tool for Contract Processes

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Since my three co-founders and I started Accordium, our ultimate goal has always been to help the modern, forward-thinking B2B company to future-proof their business by taking the next step to improve their efficiency on the sales floor.  

Accordium is the next big thing in the sales digitization and workflow automation industry, and as the newest addition, we are heavily focused on helping companies and businesses to automate their sales processes and workflows.

It’s a matter of time before enterprises realize the gap between agreeing to a deal and signing a deal, is often too cumbersome to be bridged over the phone and through e-mails. It leads to friction, delays, unforeseen obstacles, and often lost deals. This process needs to be entirely digital to ensure complete oversight, maximum efficiency and to achieve actual performance analysis. 

What is a sales workflow?

A sales workflow is the sequence of events that has to occur before before a sale is fully complete; the A-Z of contract closing. The contract is usually created or stored in your CRM or in Gdrive; it is then downloaded as a PDF before people XYZ need to approve, sign off or review. Once this has been done, the contract goes to the customer for back-and-forth negotiation and hopefully sign-off, before all of the data is exctracted, put into the right systems and the contract is safely stored on your server. 

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Software Improvements

We’ve already seen how software has changed the game for salespeople in many ways; gone are the days of excel spreadsheets full of customer details, and welcomed are the days of Salesforce and the CRM. We now use Slack to communicate both amongst ourselves as well as with our prospects, and we track our e-mail performance with Yesware.  

Gone are the days when a company had to put up with inefficiencies brought about by manual processes and workflows in their sales process. With Accordium’s services, we can automate a company’s entire ‘closing’ process from start to finish and hence help it increase its revenues and conversions.

We pride ourselves on being the #1 tool in helping the modern company to:

– Automate their workflows
– Analyze their performance
– Accelerate their revenues
– Shorten their sales cycles
– Get their contracts signed, and more.

At Accordium, our key focus in helping businesses take the next step in their digitization or automation strategy is pegged on three pillars namely;

Digital Contract Management

Accordium strives to create beautiful software that is designed to help customers digitize their contract processes. There is no business that enjoys complicated and slow sales processes especially when it comes to closing contracts.

With our digital contract management services, we ensure that your business achieves simplified communication between parties, internally and externally. We also keep everyone updated through auto-notifications of key contract details, hence making the entire process transparent and efficient. This ensures that everything moves faster and is easier to understand.


Through digital contract management, companies can safely and quickly sign contracts with our advanced e-signature solution. This solution safeguards your documents with high grade security; and each signature is protected with an evidence seal that prevents anyone from making any changes to the contract after signing.

Sales workflow automation

At Accordium, we are all about enabling businesses to make their workflow processes come of age. Many businesses are still heavily dependent on manual workflow processes that are not only time-consuming, but also inefficient and costly.

We focus on helping companies to automate their sales workflows by allowing them to select all persons in a given process, individualize their tasks and put them into the desired order. This ensures that the processes are streamlined, efficient, and less time-consuming.

Sales workflow automation in turn helps the business to shorten its sales cycles, analyze its performance effectively, and eventually accelerate its revenues.

Electronic signatures

Accordium eSign is the number one electronic signature solution for the modern company. With this service, any business can send and receive electronic signatures securely with our cloud software or our e-signature API. Electronic signatures are the easiest and fastest way to get a “YES” faster; and both customers and business teams surely love it as you no longer have to go through the hassle of printing and signing.

The Accordium e-signatures are legally binding and all contracts signed through the signatures will stand up in the court of law. Electronic signatures are recognized in almost all parts of the world and are as legally binding as the traditional paper-and-ink signatures.

Even though this is just the beginning, we firmly believe that in 3 years time all enterprises will adopt Accordium or a similar service to automate their contract closing processes and achieve higher growth numbers.

Are you ready to take the next step? Get started with us right away and have your first contract signed today. Accordium is about to help you realize the power of sales process optimization!


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