How To Create Confident Sales Videos

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Before you can convince anyone of your product’s value, you have to know what you’re selling. Certainty is the foundation of sales confidence, which is the golden ticket when it comes to closing the deal.

Bravado cannot make up for a lack of product knowledge. It’s fundamental to any salesperson’s success that you tell prospects what they need to know in a way that is both fast and engaging. How you present your product will impact the way the prospect reacts not only to your pitch, but to the brand as a whole. The only way to obtain quality leads time after time is through in depth product expertise.

The seven pillars of sales knowledge

To have sales confidence to any observer you need to know what you are selling, its value to customers, the market that you are selling into, and the right actions for that demographic.


It’s important to remember that your prospects aren’t experts like you. It’s your job to communicate your insider knowledge of the products, services and solutions being sold.


Numbers ground products in measurable data. The quantitative and fiscal value of your product—and how you get this across—is as important as qualitative statements, if not more. The result? Increased prospect confidence and sales.


The authority and neutrality of information used to sell a product can transform the relationship between the seller and the prospective buyer. Credibility fosters trust, which helps create meaningful relationships between brands and prospects.


Successful salespeople don’t achieve results through natural talent alone. They support their pitch with factual evidence of results that have been achieved, demonstrating that their product is worthwhile.


Sales videos are great platforms to convey not just your products, but your brand. With a clear understanding of the seller’s origin, claim to expertise and purpose, you’ll be able to sell in line with your company’s overarching strategy.


Awareness of the prospect’s markets, their end users, challenges and management is critical to creating an effective sales pitch. Information about what they want, need and already have can influence how you form and deliver your pitch.


To excel in your market, you need to bear the bigger picture in mind. Researching contenders will give you the ammunition to prove that you’re a superior brand selling premium products.

The perfect sales video conveys the seven categories of sales knowledge in a matter of minutes, in a way that engages its audience and effuses confidence.

BIO: This article was contributed by SalesSense, a consulting firm that helps customers reduce the cost of selling, improve sales forecast accuracy, and achieve lofty growth targets.

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