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According to a recent study by Unbounce, adding a video to a landing page increases conversions by an average of 80%. That’s almost doubling your revenue.

What if that video was personalised too?

Personal sales videos have the power to dramatically increase your revenue because they:

  • Make your organisation stand out
  • Help you connect with cold leads
  • Get you in front of the decision makers
  • Can be used to overcome hurdles
  • Won’t cost you anything to produce
  • Close deals

If each of your sales reps used personalised videos, you could be increasing your revenue on multiple fronts. Here’s why they are so important:

They make your organisation stand out

Business email accounts easily receive in excess of 100 emails a day. A standard email will simply get lost amongst the crowd, and has very little chance of getting noticed, getting opened, and making your business money.

An email with a personal sales video attached is different. It immediately stands out in a prospect’s inbox. It makes them curious. And it gets them thinking about your company differently.

You’re different than the competition. Right away, a personal video gives your brand more authority and more trust amongst prospects – meaning they’re more likely to buy from you and increase your revenue.

They help you connect with cold leads

Because personal sales videos stand out and get noticed, they are more likely to be opened by cold leads. They don’t look like the usual sales pitch.

Videos will help increase open rates and click-through rates. But more importantly, they help increase engagement – which is essential for cold leads.

With a personal video, you’re communicating in a personal, one-to-one way. It’s genuine and effective.

For cold leads, this makes a difference. They warm up instantly as you quickly build a rapport and start to develop a strong relationship.

And the more cold leads you can warm up, the more revenue you’ll eventually bring in.

They get you in front of the decision makers

Once you’ve built that connection with your prospects, it’s much easier to secure a face to face meeting and get in front of the decision makers with the buying power.

A personal sales video is far more engaging than any email or piece of content. It lets sales reps demonstrate their personalities, their understanding and their offer in a highly effective way.

And videos are far more likely to be shared, meaning there’s a much greater chance they’ll be passed to those decision makers at an earlier stage.

Once you’re in front of them, you’ve got the best chance of securing the sale and growing your revenue.

They can be used to overcome hurdles

Personal sales videos are also a great tool to help sales reps add extra value to prospects, identify hurdles and overcome any buying objections they might be facing.

They can be used to walk through features of a product or run through a demo. A quick video can be recorded to answer any specific questions a prospective might have and deliver a personal response.

Sales reps can use personal videos to speak directly and personally to the challenges a prospect is facing, demonstrating how they understand and how they can help.

This helps clear the path for the sale.

They won’t cost you anything to produce

One of the great things about personal videos is they won’t cost your business an arm and leg to produce.

Unlike pay-per-click or other types of marketing, you don’t have to pay advertising costs. You don’t need to pay for content to be produced. Personalised sales videos shouldn’t be big, expensive, Hollywood style productions.

They are quick and simple, recorded in a minute by your sales reps. All you need is the software like Accordium, which is incredibly cost effective.

The less you’re spending on advertising, the more profit you’ll make.

They close deals

They’re the final, effective tool in encouraging a prospect across the finish line. A personal message, a last question answered, and a strong call to action – all in a 30 second video.

The result is that your prospect is left with no objections and will happily sign.

And of course, the more deals you close, the more your revenue will increase.

Standard videos increase revenue. Personalised videos take it one step further

Studies across B2B and eCommerce sectors have consistently found that any form of video on a home page, product page or landing page increases conversions and generates more revenue.

Zappos found an increase in sales of up to 30% when product videos were added, whilst ComScore found customers were more than 75% more likely to buy after watching a sales video.

It’s clear that personal sales videos are powerful tools that can increase your revenue almost instantly. And they have many more uses too. They can build loyalty amongst customers and help you generate more revenue with upsell and cross sell opportunities.

If you’d like to start increasing your revenue right away, Accordium can help you record your personal sales videos. Click here to book a demo.

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