Accordium Video Sales increases deal-closing rates by up to 32%.

“Personalised videos helped us increase our open-to-click rate by 65%”

  Dominic Rebello, Founder & Sales Leader


Send personalised videos to build lasting relationships.

Stand out with video proposals against your competitors. 

Close deals faster than ever before. 

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Create and attach videos to your sales collateral in seconds – no install needed.

Automatically move to contract signing and close the deal as fast as possible. 

Video Analytics help you identify what works best. 

For Salespeople. By Salespeople.
We built Accordium with simplicity in mind.

Artboard Created with Sketch. Upload your proposal, quote or presentation Record a personal video from your browser Add a personal message Send Video and document Track engagement Open Rates Minutes Watched Links Clicked Close Deal

Track all your sent videos and proposals automatically in the CRM

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