You can use Accordium for free! *No credit card required.

We don’t cut you off if you go over the limit. You will get unlimited usage for 30 days to decide whether you upgrade or switch to hard limits.

Free for life


Free for limited commercial use

Everything a small team needs to send videos and sign contracts.– Up to 15 contracts / videos a month
– Unlimited number of users

Sales Teams

$79/ monthPer team

Everything your sales team needs to send videos and sign contracts.– Up to 30 contracts a month
– Up to 70 videos a month
– Unlimited number of users



Everything larger organizations require to utilize e-signatures and videos in their communication.

Frequently asked questions

Sure! You can invite and add more users at any time. 

You can cancel at any time through our billing portal, which each monthly account statement contains a link to, or by emailing our support team. Your license will expire at the end of the current billing period, and your card will not be charged again after you cancel.

Absolutely! You can sign up for our individual plan for free. It’s free forever and you can get up to 15 sales engagement videos and/or contracts per month.

We take your data security seriously. Your documents are securely stored using bank-grade 256-bit encryption, and transmitted over SSL. Read our Privacy Policy to learn more about how we handle your data.

Yes! We want to help and give back just like you! Accordium will provide a 30% discount to eligible organisations. To apply please write to us at for more information.

Yes. Your subscription will automatically renew unless you let us know that you’d like to update your plan or cancel your account.

YES! Accordium’s Electronic signatures are legally binding for nearly every business or personal transaction around the world. The Accordium Forensic Engine collects evidence used to provide legal collateral.This includes a comprehensive audit trail, certificate of completion, user-agent authentication data, IP tracking, screenshots and more.

No. Only the person sending the document needs an Accordium account. Recipients are invited via email to review and sign the document at no cost, and registration is optional.

We won’t cut you off without warning when you meet or exceed your limit. Instead, we’ll get in touch and give you a 30 day period of unlimited usage while you decide whether to upgrade to a larger plan or switch to hard limits.

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