Accordium for HR:
Giving Resources Back to Recruiters

Give your candidates the best onboarding experience. Streamline your processes with Accordium for HR, with e-signatures, workflow automation, and digital contract management. 

Send Better Offer Letters.

Onboard Employees Faster.

Sign Online

Easily upload, edit & send all the documents that you need your people to sign. Streamline your process and get contracts signed faster.

Create in Seconds

Get legally binding electronic signature. No downloads required. It’s way faster and more secure than paper.

Manage Anywhere

Track, audit, automate and access you documents 24/7. Get notifications at every step of the process. Stay compliant and secure the future of your business.

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The Final Step of Recruiting Made Easy


Never miss out on that star candidate again. Whether on mobile, desktop, in the office or on the go. Get offer letters sent and signed in minutes. 

No more wasted time printing, scanning or chasing signatures.

People not Paperwork: Build Culture and Retain you Stars. 


Culture starts here and first impressions count. Accordium helps HR professionals acquire and onboard the best candidates quickly and get the required paperwork completed before they walk in the door.

Reinforce your company’s innovation with e-signatures and digital processes.


Stay compliant and secure your documents.

Wherever your people are, you can rest assured that everyone will always use the most current, correct and approved document versions. Easily keep your staff up to date with important company policies and obtain legally binding electronic acknowledgements.

Stored securely with bank-grade encryption. – It’s critical for your compliance and audits.


No More Tedious Paperwork:
Onboarding is going to get much easier.

Human Resources should be focusing on building culture, securing candidates and scaling your business, not chasing signatures and running around looking for that lost form. Simplify the onboarding for your new hires. Go digital

It’s Easy Being Green.

When your people sign documents electronically, it reinforces your forward thinking ideology. By moving into a paperless environment your brand aligns itself with tech-savvy and environmentally-conscious employees. Go green and drastically reduce cost on paper, ink and equipment.

Great usability and relevant functionalities. I'm really happy we
started working with Accordium, it makes my life so much easier!
Fanny Frenkler
Head of People & Culture, Asana Rebel

Join the thousand of other HR and recruitment specialists going paperless
Accordium is the easiest to use e-signature solution.
We use your email address to send activation emails and information about your account.

Electronic Signatures For Every Document ESIGN, UETA (US) and eIDAS (EU) compliant. Read more

Live Notifications – Get Approval Instantly

Software security is an ongoing effort at Accordium as we believe security is always an operating concern and not a feature. We make sure that we use battle tested libraries and up to date software to run Accordium’s services…


Acquire & Onboard Talent Faster

Save hours and accelerate your HR processes by sending documents digitally that are simple to e-sign, and return.


Access Your Documents 24/7

Documents are organized and securely stored with bank-grade AES-256 bit encryption.


Accordium helps building culture and finding the perfect candidates.
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