Video Interview: Max Fackeldey – Founder of Yoursocial and Angel Investor | Accordium

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Max Fackeldey is an investor at Accordium with Silverfox Partners and has recently joined Accordium as CCO. He is such an interesting character and has learned an awful lot in his career, that we thought it’s worth sharing some of his experiences in this vlog.

Max has built and sold Dutch social media agency YourSocial – but not only once, but twice. First selling the company to Oxyma, which later was acquired by US giant Merkle. Here, Max became VP of Customer Experience EMEA working with global brands on how to communicate with customers at scale.

In this interview Max shares his learnings from building a global social media powerhouse, how it feels like when you realise you are making a loss rather than a profit, and how to turn that situation around.

He also speaks about current market trends in sales and marketing and why he believes personalised videos at scale is the future for global brands.

Alexander Brix

Alexander Brix

Hi! Im Alex, Co-Founder and CMO/COO at Accordium. Talk to me about anything sales ops, funding, and entrepreneurship! Connect with me on LinkedIn or Mail and follow Accordium on Facebook.

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