Company/Brand: Barclays

Type: Personalised Video – Upselling

Length: 100 seconds

The Pros:  

Barclay’s personalised sales video, aimed at encouraging its banking users to apply for a loan, gets off to a great start. Their logo is clear and present at the start, so we know exactly who the brand is.

Better still, we get immediate personalisation: “Hello Clare: If you’d like to increase your loan, we could help”.

The video has barely started, and we know exactly what it will be about. Our attention is hooked immediately – an essential goal of any sales video.

This video is likely to have been triggered by the prospect indicating their interest about loans or other financial services, and that message is present from the outset.

There’s a clever use of voiceover and a cut to the video presenter, where it seems like she is saying “Hello Clare”. In reality the presenter footage is stock video that can be used for each prospect, but this trick gives the viewer a second touch of personalisation within 8 seconds.

By 14 seconds, this sales video makes use of its 3rd piece of personalisation, with a sign indicating the prospects name and their personal loan amount.

There is a casual, informal tone throughout, which helps to humanise Barclays and connect with the viewer, using lines like “because we know you, we know how much you could borrow”. 

There’s an extra touch of personalisation with the car license plate. However, when we see the plaque on the home with the prospects name on again, it begins to feel too obvious – like they’re starting to try too hard to show the video is personalised.

Towards the end of the video, there’s a good mention of product benefits – apply online or in the app and get money instantly – and a brief demo of mobile banking. However, the video doesn’t say or show the prospect how to actually apply.

A final reiteration of personalisation and the personal offer at 53 seconds helps to encourage the prospect to find out exactly how much those monthly repayments could be.  

The Cons: 

Whilst Barclays generally does an excellent job at introducing personalisation, it falls a bit short with the presenter footage when it strays into generic territory.

The location shoot feels busy, and whilst it keeps up the energy and pace, it begins to feel like an excuse just to introduce further personalisation. Mentions of debt consolidation are too generic, and feel like they’re been thrown in just to cram as many product features in as possible.

A shorter, more focused video would have been better. Whilst mentioning that the loan could be for a car or home is good, and allows personalisation, there could be any number of other reasons a loan is needed. It’s a missed opportunity to speak more personally to Clare and her needs.

That’s the biggest problem with this personalised video. The presenter footage is generic. That’s great for time saving and costs, as it can be re-used again and again, but it means that Clare’s problems or needs are never truly addressed.

It would have been more impactful to have the presenter mention some of the challenges that Clare may be facing, setting the scene and offering some empathy. Instead it’s kept light-hearted.

The biggest flaw with this personalised sales video is the lack of a call to action on the video itself. The presenter asks the viewer to go online or “give us a call”, but then there is no final CTA. No website URL. No phone number. Simply the Barclays logo. 


Barclays does an excellent job at personalising this video upselling their loans to customers. There are several brilliant inclusions of personalisation features throughout, but they miss an opportunity to have the presenter speak directly to the prospect. That extra personal touch would have made this a perfect example of a personalised sales video.  


  •     5 examples of personalisation in just over 90 seconds
  •     Good tone pitched well at Barclays customers
  •     A ‘soft sell’ approach
  •     Generic footage misses opportunity for human personalisation
  •     Lack of Call to Action is a big mistake
Andrew C. Whittaker

Andrew C. Whittaker

I am a sales professional, focused on sales and marketing driven growth. I co-founded Accordium with this in mind, but especially to help sales people become more successful. If you need help applying sales-driven growth principles in your company or would like me to speak at your event, please contact me. Also, connect with me on LinkedIn or follow me on Twitter or Accordium on Facebook.

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