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Want to know how to record and personalise your own sales video? 

This is the place to start. 

You’ll find everything you need to know about sales videos, including why they should be a vital part of your sales and marketing processes, what makes them effective, and how you can create your own.

Drawing on expert research and years of experience making sales videos, this in-depth guide will help you understand the importance of video messaging in sales pitches and show you exactly how to make your own personalised videos to close more deals.

Find out:

1)   Why you should be recording sales videos for your pipeline

2)   How to make your own sales video

3)   The best (and the worst) examples of sales videos

4)   The importance of personalisation in sales videos

5)   Exactly how to incorporate personalised sales videos into your sales strategy  

Why use sales videos in your pipeline? 

Recording a sales video shouldn’t be viewed as another admin task. It’s an opportunity.

Because despite the influx of new technologies, the B2B sales process has hardly changed in the last two hundred years. It’s always been about getting noticed, getting a response, and building a relationship.

But new technologies, new ways of communicating and new automations have made it harder than ever to get noticed. Your prospects are constantly distracted, and you are always fighting for their attention.

Sales videos help you stand out in inboxes and during pitches – and that’s exactly why more and more businesses are making their own sales videos.

Using a sales video in your pipeline helps you be:

  • More intriguing – A video in an inbox is still an unusual thing. It makes your prospect stop, open and watch because they are curious.
  • More informative – Videos give you more scope for visual demonstrations and explanations, letting you speak directly to your prospect in a personal, human way.
  • More interesting – Watching a video – instead of reading an email or listening to someone on the phone – is far more engaging and it lets you build a rapport with body language.

With a sales video as part of your process, you could increase open rates by 500% or click through rates by 800% according to HubSpot.

You will also communicate with your prospects more effectively. As Professor Mehrabians states in his key research, words make up just 7% of the message in the communication of our feelings and attitude. The remaining 93% of your message is portrayed through the way we say things and the facial and body language we use.

All of this can be communicated in a personalised sales video. 

Most importantly, sales videos can help you close more deals and increase your revenue – winning you more business and making you more money.

Want to know more about why you should be using sales videos?

See: How personal sales can increase your revenue.

How to make your own sales video 

Creating your own sales videos doesn’t need to be a difficult task, and it shouldn’t be time consuming. The key to recording sales videos is to make them part of your workflow, keeping them quick, simple and on-point.

You should be able to record a sales video in just a couple of minutes. But there are a few things you’ll need. 

What you need to record your own sales video: 

1)    A camera – nothing fancy, the front-facing camera on your computer is perfect

2)    A microphone – one that’s built into your computer

3)    Recording software – e.g. a dedicated video sales platform like Accordium

Those are the only essentials you’ll need to make your own sales video, but you might also want to consider your sending and hosting options too.

It’s easy to create a sales video and send it, but those large file sizes can often prove problematic. You might want to consider a video sales platform like Accordium instead, as it automatically converts and hosts all your videos for you – ensuring they are always received and can always be played.

The added benefits of hosted sales videos is the tracking. You’ll get real time metrics on open rates, watches and links clicked, so you can see exactly how a prospect is interacting with your video. And most importantly, you can act when your lead is hot.

What to focus on in your sales video: 

1)    Your prospect – Make sure you do your research first. Before any contact in your sales process, you need to know your prospect, know their business, and know their industry.

2)    Their problems and challenges – You’ll want to identify the main problem (or problems) your prospect is facing right away. Show them you understand the challenges they face on a personal level.

3)   Your empathy – The trick to understanding is to demonstrate your empathy. Paint a picture or tell a story that resonates with your prospect, and let them see how you’ve been in their position before, and how you know what the solution is.

4)    Your solution – Finally, you can move on to how you can help your prospect. You’re not selling, you’re helping. Connect their problem to your service or product, and include examples of how it will be useful to them.

5)    The length of the video – You should do all of this in less than two minutes, especially if it’s your first contact with a prospect. The best sales videos are short and sweet, around 90 seconds in total.

6)    A call to action – Always make sure you include a call to action at the end of your video. You need to get your prospect to act as soon as they’ve finished watching, so encourage them to get in touch right away. 

Need more help creating your own sales video? 

See: What makes an effective sales video – 9 key components

The best (and the worst) examples of sales videos 

It’s easy to get started recording your own sales video, but you might need a bit of practice to get your videos spot on. After sending your first five videos, you’ll soon find it as natural and as quick as calling somebody or writing an email – easier in fact!

If you follow the best practice tips we’ve set out above, and the additional guides and blog posts we put together, then you won’t go far wrong. The best advice we can give is to keep your videos short and simple.

But if you are looking to get more creative with your sales videos, we’re sharing some of the best and worst examples for all industries – B2B and B2C – right here.

See what works and what doesn’t, which are the very best sales videos and why, and how to avoid some of the most common mistakes.

Video case study – Barclays

Personalising your sales video 

The most common sales videos are those that have been created with a large audience in mind. They are generic, and can be used again and again to reach out to a variety of different prospects. They’re useful, because they can be sent to any contact at any time.

But, they’re usually not the most effective sales videos.

They can lack personality. They’re often not as human as they should be. And they’re definitely not tailored to each individual prospect.

At Accordium, we’re huge fans of personalisation. Implementing personalisation into your sales process can bring huge benefits to your business. They include:

  • An increase in open rates of 65%
  • An increase in email replies of over 76%
  • An increase in conversion rates of over 35%
  • A better, quicker rapport with your prospects
  • Greater loyalty from your customers
  •  The ability to close more deals

Personalised sales videos let you speak directly to your prospects on an individual basis – which is exactly what they want. They don’t want to be another figure on a spreadsheet, they want to see you understanding their business, their position and their needs, and they want to receive a tailored response from you.

Personalised sales videos let you do exactly that.

Want to learn more about personalised sales videos? 

We’re passionate about personalisation, and we want to share everything we know about its importance and its benefits with you, so that you can make the best possible sales videos.

If you’re looking for more in-depth information on personalisation and personalised videos, download our eBook: The importance of personalisation in B2B sales.

eBook 1 – Importance of personalisation in B2B sales 

Alexander Brix

Alexander Brix

Hi! Im Alex, Co-Founder and CMO/COO at Accordium. Talk to me about anything sales ops, funding, and entrepreneurship! Connect with me on LinkedIn or Mail and follow Accordium on Facebook.

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