March 2018 Product Release: Contacts, Documents Library

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We just released Contacts! 📇🤩

Until now, you had to type someone’s name and email address every time you sent out a document.

You told us this was frustrating and a waste of time, so we fixed it!

Accordium now saves the people you invite as Contacts. Your recent recipients are shown by default in Flow and QuickSign, and you can search right in the box for anyone you used previously.

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Send me your feedback! 


Many of our customers send documents to common recipients (such as to their manager for approval) so we know this new ability will save you loads of time and effort!

Curate contacts in the Phonebook

In addition to re-using common recipients in Flow and QuickSign, you can curate and edit your contact list through a directory-style Phonebook.

Just click the ‘Contacts’ link in the menu to view, edit, or delete anyone you’ve ever invited to sign or approve something through Accordium.

Reuse your documents over and over!

Often you might want to use the same PDF in new contract.

Previously you had to re-upload that PDF every time you wanted a signature or approval. Accordium now saves your documents for later use. 

Just select or search for a previously-used PDF from the list when beginning a new process, then choose your recipients from the phonebook for ultra-fast contract sending 🙂

I’m actually a real person! 😘

I know this is an automated email, but I want you to know that I’m a human being and I want to hear from you!

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As the guy in charge of our product, I work every day with the team to make Accordium better. Most of that is based on your feedback, so I’d love to hear from you – What’s awesome? What sucks?

Write to me on and I’ll write back. Like for reals.

Talk to you soon!

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