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Hi, we’re Accordium – this is our first blog post of many and we have a promise to make.

We promise to share the best insights, tips and knowledge to help digitize your business and make the right decisions on how to achieve your paperless office goal. Think about the last time you had to get a document signed, or had to sign something yourself. If you’re reminded by the large amount of time and effort it took creating, editing, printing, signing and managing everything else that goes with it, you’re not alone.

A recent Adobe survey describes the many frustrations individuals and businesses face with manual paperwork, indicating that the digitization of manual processes can lead to a 36% increase in revenue and 30% decrease in cost.

Paperwork is definitely history.

Accordiums e-signature platform dashboard.

e-Signatures are only the beginning

The realization of the ‘paperless office’ ideal has always seemed distant. Even though the e-signature industry is approaching twenty years old, it’s still saturated with expensive and complicated tools that only offer solutions to a small piece of the problem.

The manual processes of chasing signatures, editing agreements and contract management often cause headaches and requires many tools to manage. The resulting delays in closing deals, or worse: lost sales, means missed opportunities and loss of revenue.

Jim Lundy, founder and CEO of Aragon Research succinctly sums up the current state of affairs:

“The Paper era is coming to an end. Enterprises increasingly understand that doing business in a digital manner speeds up business transactions. – Enterprises who still rely on paper-based transactions could be left behind.”

Manual paperwork and its attendant issues are well-documented, and something that almost anyone can identify with.  This Aragon Research report predicts that the vast majority of organizations large and small will have either started, or plan to digitize and automate their paper workflows as a strategic imperative for 2017.

It is time to future-proof your business and not get left behind.

We are Accordium

Accordium is a tech startup in the digital transaction management (DTM) industry. Revolutionizing the way documents are created, negotiated, and legally binding e-signatures.

Like many of you reading this, the founders of Accordium have experienced the pain and frustration dealing with paperwork and chasing signatures on a daily basis. We are acutely aware of the aforementioned problems; and we believe there has to be a better way.

Accordium started from these experiences and led us to ask ourselves two questions:

1. What does it mean to have a fully digital business & paperless environment? And;

2. What can we do to help businesses achieve that?

After speaking with potential users about the questions above, we learnt many things but quickly identified a recurring problem and discovered something important: A contract is not just a document to be signed; it is also a negotiation often hindered by many obstacles.

Accordium is on a mission to solve this by building a platform that is powerful and robust. Our solution provides legally binding e-signatures, whilst also revolutionizing the way that contracts are negotiated and how document workflows are managed.

We’re creating an intuitive visual representation of the contract management life-cycle to help you get greater insights, accelerate your negotiation process and significantly reduce the amount of time spent on tedious paperwork.

Create. Negotiate. Sign. Manage.

Who doesn’t deal with paperwork?

Accordium is designed for individuals, small startups or large scale enterprises with a focus on document-heavy departments such as Sales and HR.

– The Accordium Advantage
– Drives productivity & efficiency
– Close deals faster
– Save time and energy
Collect legally binding e-signatures safely & securely
– Innovative interface that’s a delight to use

Our team is working tirelessly to create a live, reconfigurable working environment with a completely integrated end-to-end tool that delivers everything you need to get an electronic signature, finalize an agreement and close deals faster than ever before.

What makes us different from the competition? We start where they left off.


Alex, Daniel, Andrew, Barrington

and The Accordium Team.

PS: Want to have exclusive early access to the Accordium platform or become a beta tester?  Contact us at or sign up below.

Alexander Brix

Alexander Brix

Hi! Im Alex, Co-Founder and CMO/COO at Accordium. Talk to me about anything sales ops, funding, and entrepreneurship! Connect with me on LinkedIn or Mail and follow Accordium on Facebook.

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