Make your sales process easier

Accordium makes your emails engaging and personal and helps you close deals faster with electronic signatures.

Transform the way your sales team engages with prospects and customers. Improve conversion rates, shorten the cycle, get more replies to emails and collect signatures faster.

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Electronic signatures

Get contracts signed within a minute without having to chase people down or wait for the mail.

Accordium eSign makes the signature process simple. It saves paper, time and money. It’s a quick and easy way to get legally binding electronic signatures.

Sales engagement videos

Increase the reply rate of your emails by adding a personal touch. 

With Accordium, it’s easy to add a short personal video to your emails. The video puts a face and a voice to the sales message and establishes trust with the prospect. You can monitor open rate and see what type of messaging gets to you closer to closing the deal.

Thousands of sales people use Accordium every day

Do you want personalised video sales to play a key part in your organisation too?

Amazing support and personal …

“Super nice tool, very easy to use and the in built wizards are fantastic. The Accordium crew are right there should you have any questions at all.”

Works like a charm and the flow is …

“Works like a charm and the flow is really easy.
Looking forward to the next features coming up.”

Super fast and convenient to use …

“Super fast and convenient to use for the clients.
We got our first contracts signed couple of minutes after uploading them!”

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